About Lactation Consultants Directory

Welcome, and thank you for visiting  Australianlactationconsultants.com .au – Australia’s largest  Lactation Consultant Directory that brings nursing mothers and lactation consultants together. We aim to help new mothers or parents get easy access to International Board Certified Lactation Consultants( IBCLC)  nearest to you.

What Does the Australian Lactation  Consultant Directory Offer?

The Lactation Consultants Directory is a guide to lactation services, mothercraft and postnatal to women during the first six weeks post-delivery period. It is an online home for mothers, newborn babies and everything related to them.  We understand that new mothers have more critical issues to attend to than surfing the net for help. We believe that making lactation consultants available in one place can save parents and nursing mothers time which they can commit to other valuable things.

Australianlactationconsultants.com.au provides valuable information through well-researched and professionally written articles in the blog section. Please note some articles may contain affiliate links. If you click a link and purchase a service/product, we are paid a small commission. The commissions help us to maintain the directory for you. So thank you.

Australianlactationconsultants.com.au was launched to empower women to contact lactation consultants quicker and efficiently. In addition, it empowers lactation consultants in Australia and New Zealand to advertise their services, find new clients and grow their business.


Our mission is to provide lactation consultants in Australia with a free online profile to advertise their services and find more women requiring their expert assistance with issues such as breastfeeding advice and support, including postnatal care. One can book appointments online. We believe that empowering all lactation consultants with free advertising can help grow their business, especially after realising the work they put into the community.

We are consistently adding sites and updates as new information is received. Therefore, we invite you to share valuable data for inclusion in the directory and ask that you keep us informed of subsequent changes within your organisation to ensure that this digital resource accurately reflects the great work of the business.

We kindly request every business listed to update their listing regularly.

Our mission is to provide the Australian community with easy ways to find local lactation consultants online to get the help they need. In addition, I would like to hear women’s feedback on their experience with the Lactation Consultation. So feel free to write your reviews on the contact us page.